Less is More!

How’s it going?!?! Are you as happy as I am that Spring is here?!?! It is not just about the weather, but the energy. This Spring really feels like we are truly coming out of hibernation. Well, I am ready!! That being said, recently, I have been talking to a lot of people regarding their […]

What Works, What Doesn’t Work

For this week’s mantra, I was inspired by a podcast, but honestly I cannot remember which one it came from, ha. As I have mentioned before, I listen to podcasts while I run and then take notes of things that inspire me and interest me. Well, I guess my note taking skills were not great […]

I am boundless.

Today, I wanted to share one more quote from Jhumpa Lahiri’s In Other Words. When I read this, I kept reading it over and over again. This is usually when I mark up a page and hold onto it for a future mantra. When words resonate with me, I look forward to sharing them with […]