Peru with Laurel was a magical adventure! The itinerary was perfect for exploring and for fun. Laurel always finds off -the-beaten -path magic. Peru took my breath away! Always a memorable time. 

One million years ago, my second grade teacher gave me a Peruvian bookmark which I have to this day. When I held it in my hands and read the word “Peru” I told myself one day I would go. Several rotations of the sun later, Laurel planned a yoga retreat there in 2018. It was time. Laurel’s retreat to Peru made everything clear – bucket list checked and more fun and self care than I could have ever anticipated not to mention making the climb up and back to Machu Picchu (with my leather bookmark in my pocket) was the most thrilling event of my life. When Peru calls, Laurel makes sure you answer!

Hiking Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu was one of the most challenging things I have ever done. And grateful to have such an awesome group to rally around & share the once-in-a-lifetime experience with.

Loved the accommodations! Thought it was great that there were many options of things to do and places to eat within walking distance of each hotel. All the activities/excursions were awesome! I really appreciate all of the planning that went into this trip and coordination of the many transfers between hotels.

Everything about this trip was truly AMAZING!!! It was more than I anticipated. I love that we toured around Peru and saw so much and did so much in a weeks time and learned about the culture and history, the tour guides were great and of course the yoga. I will definitely go on another adventure with you in the future.

Laurel’s trips are a rewarding journey that is fulfilling and unforgettable. Laurel takes travel planning to another level and I’m not just saying this because she’s my friend. Is there ever a time that you just want to go on vacation and not have discussions (or arguments) about where to eat or what to do? Because these are the trips that fix all of those problems. Everything that is planned is thoughtfully done. She even has backup plans for when we experienced harsh windy conditions on the island of Kythnos. This trip to Greece was a long time coming and it did not disappoint. I loved sailing to destinations in Greece that turned our journey into a one-of-a-kind experience. It was refreshing to get away from the touristy vacation and to experience the true “remote” places in Greece. Our sailboat and crew were amazing and being surrounded by new and old friends on these trips make it into an extraordinary adventure. I just wished I would’ve packed less!

-D. Jones

Greece was so amazing! The people, the food, the scenery were all wonderful. I honestly think one of my favorite parts was just lounging on the sailboat as we sailed the Aegean. It was just so relaxing and I didn’t have to worry about anything because the Captain and crew had everything under control. I really loved the hiking and the tours of Kythnos (and of course the yoga too). I love any chance to learn about history and to explore a cave/old mine so that was a very pleasant surprise after an unexpected wind delay. I would jump at any chance to go back to Greece and explore more of the islands. Even on a sailboat because I seriously slept great every night and love being surrounded by water.

-J. Demjanick

I have traveled with Laurel on 2 trips before Greece, and she has continued to impress. Laurel’s trips are unique in that she pays immaculate attention to detail while still being flexible. She has planned everything, where to eat, where to hike, while still planning in free time. I appreciate going on her trips since I know everything will be taken care of and I do not have to worry about figuring out activities to do or places to eat. Laurel has done all the research for me! Greece was excellent, but any trip Laurel plans and leads, I would recommend. I can’t wait to see which trip of hers I will be going on next!

-A. VanSant

This trip was absolutely magical from the sea, the boats, the hikes, the people, the laughs, and Laurel’s yoga classes set to breathtaking backdrops. It was such a unique experience and was truly amazing.

Just a quick note to say I am loving the 30 day program. I’ve been less then active lately and have put on the dreaded Covid weight that at my age doesn’t go away easily. This is really helping me stay focused and giving me some sort of routine to start my day helping me stay on track throughout the day.

-Paynter C.

REALLY enjoyed these classes – it was the perfect way to start, or end each day over this past month. It allowed me to get some focus back – and it was something I looked forward to each day!

I have absolutely loved the 30 day challenge. I will miss it when its over!

-N. Stansbery