It sounds so cliché, but Zeek truly rescued me. After our yellow lab of 13 years passed away, we never thought we could find a replacement. And, as I continued to struggle through the transition of full-time executive to full-time yoga teacher, I didn’t think I had time to care for anyone else. But, after countless friends recommended adopting a dog, I gave in after seeing Zeek’s profile online. Zeek and his siblings were all abandoned on the side of the road in Tennessee. I could not resist this four-week, four-pound ball of fur. I was so excited to rescue Zeek, but I never thought he would rescue me.

I cannot tell you enough how much Zeek’s companionship had helped both my husband and I get through challenging moments. Zeek’s unconditional love and friendship is so apparent as we walk through our hometown of Bethlehem, Paddle Board through water or jog paths across the world. Whether strutting his stuff on my yoga mat or in a yoga class, he is a true yogic soul that gives more then he gets.

If you have never considered adopting, I hope this encourages you to look for a pet you will love and who will love you back. If owning a pet is not an option, I encourage you to donate to one of the organizations below. Zeek will be forever grateful!