Do you need some advice on how to thrive as a yoga entrepreneur?

Yoga teachers spend a lot of time and money learning yoga poses, alignment, sutras, etc, but often teachers lack the background and experience needed to thrive in the yoga industry. To be successful, teachers need to understand that they are not just teachers, but also entrepreneurs. As a yoga teacher, you are running a business! 

Let’s work together!

I firmly believe that if we all work together and support each other, we can all be successful! I know. It can all be overwhelming, but that is why I am here. So, let’s get started and let’s start thriving.

  • Do you need help creating and hosting unique and profitable events?
  • Do you need to build your email list?
  • Do you need to develop a social media plan?
  • Do you need assistance developing and designing your website?
  • Do you want to plan and host a memorable retreat?

Why work with me?

I have been hustling in the yoga industry for over 15 years to build a genuine following and I completely understand how difficult it can all be. I have taught your traditional studio classes and workshop. I have worked behind the scenes in managing a studio. I have spent years creating unique events and programming to offer yoga outside of the studio. I have planned and hosted thousands of events and over thirty yoga retreats throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean Islands. As a seasoned yoga teacher with a Masters Degree in Business and an emphasis in Marketing and E-Commerce, my unique background has allowed me to create successful retreats and programming all over the globe.

Mentorship Program

We can start small and dream big. If you simply have some questions and want to get the ball rolling, let’s schedule a mentorship call. It is simply $1.00/minute. We can talk as short or as long as you would like. After we chat, if you would like to work together further, we can discuss additional options. Easy peasy! 

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