Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

Well, I really pushed this one until the last minute, lol. Here we are on the last day of February. It has been a very busy few weeks and my busy schedule is about to get even busier. I just returned from The Galapagos. See picture above:) This trip has been on my bucket list since FOREVER. It was truly an amazing experience that I was so honored to share with so many people from my amazing traveling family. Next week, I return to Sicily for two, plus weeks to manage another company’s yoga adventures. Then, after that, my schedule gets even busier. Don’t worry, I will keep you posted. To put it simply, I will spend more nights in other countries than the US until mid-summer.

This brings me to today’s topic: change. I will experience a lot of change over the next several months. Some of these changes are quite obvious, including change of countries, time zones, hotels, schedules, not much in my life will be consistent until I have a small reprieve from travel in July. Although these changes may sound romantic to many, it is often not easy to wake up in a bed that is not yours, to be in different time zones that make it difficult to communicate with those you love and to have inconsistent schedules that are completely out of your control. It is a lot of change and a lot of change at once. But, I try to be observant of my energy and recognize how it can help me grow rather than deplete me.

Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

I love this statement by Emma Lovewell that she shared during a Peloton class. It is a great reminder to seek opportunities of growth amongst the change. As we soon transition into Spring and as we experience the ever-changing world around us, I hope the above mantra helps guide you.



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