In every important way, life is just beginning.

Hello Everyone!

It has been awhile since I wrote a mantra! And, as I always do, I wrote my list of things to focus on for the week and finding a new mantra was one of them. Sometimes I have a list going and then other times, I need to search. Often when I start my search, a mantra simply appears and this is exactly what happened this time around.

I was out running and listening to a podcast. (I know, so predictable.) Then, I heard it. Dax Shepard was interviewing David Letterman and he said a statement that stuck with me the entire run, which I then knew would be a good mantra. David said the following:

In every important way, life is just beginning.

I found this so refreshing, yet so terrifying. Every day is an opportunity to change the little things as well as the big, but every day there is pressure to progress and improve. As I get ready to head to Italy for most of the summer and try something new, I am excited for and afraid of the new beginnings that await me. While I am there, I hope to journal and share some of the ups and downs of my journey. In the meantime, let’s use the above statement as a mantra to guide us through each day moving us towards positive change and new beginnings.

XO – Laurel

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