I will heal. You will heal. We will heal.

  This week’s mantra is inspired by a quote in Dr. Michele Harper’s memoir, Beauty in the Breaking. Throughout the book she sprinkles in her connection with yoga and in her epilogue she gives such a beautiful description of yoga, and the similarity to medicine, that I wanted to share it in hopes that it Read More

I will accept change.

  Although Summer doesn’t technically end until September 22, the end of August always marks a clear transition for me into the next phase. In the Northeast, the days become shorter and a bit cooler, the evenings become a bit quieter and I begin to feel like Winter is right around the corner. Strangely, this Read More

What Can I Give?

  This week’s mantra was inspired by a Saint that has always intrigued me. I am not much of a religious person and I’d describe myself as a recovering Catholic, but some of these Saints, or at least the stories we have been told, are extremely inspiring and fascinating. In more recent years, Saint Francis Read More

Be Patient, Kind and Confident

  Summer seems to be coming to an end. For me, this seems extremely strange since the normal events that mark the end of summer have not taken place. No Musikfest this year. No celebrating my birthday for days and often weeks on end with lots and lots of people. And, no preparing for an Read More

I Will Keep Dreaming

  This week, I am reflecting on a passage again from Michelle Damiani’s Il Bel Centro. I finished the book awhile ago, but I enjoy going back reading through passages I earmarked. And, this one, wow, did it hit me and move me. “There will be moments of self doubt. That is part of the Read More

I Will Keep Trying

  And, again, the story begins with….I was listening to a podcast. And, again from one of my fave podcast’s Oprah’s Master Class. This time, the amazing Sharon Stone talked about her life and how she overcame obstacles. As she was trying to accomplish her dream of becoming a successful actress, her father provided these Read More

Do What You Love

  Surprise, surprise… I was listening to a podcast again. Maybe I should pivot my business, as they like to say now, to a podcast and book reviewer?!? Hmmm, I think I may be on to something. You never know?!?!? But, let’s talk this week about one of my fave podcast’s Oprah’s Master Class, which is beyond good and Read More

One Day at a Time

  Hey All!! For those in the US, I hope you had a safe and an enjoyable holiday. Here, my world still seems so strange and planning seems impossible. Looking forward is my favorite pastime. Lol. But, I have been trying my best to live in the present moment and appreciate it all. I guess, Read More

A poem, rather than a mantra.

  In addition to listening to a lot of podcasts, I love to read and I read a lot. Since our travels are currently restricted, I have been trying to read books that take place in other countries in effort to fulfill my desire to travel. Some days it works and many days it just keeps me yearning to Read More