One Day at a Time

  Hey All!! For those in the US, I hope you had a safe and an enjoyable holiday. Here, my world still seems so strange and planning seems impossible. Looking forward is my favorite pastime. Lol. But, I have been trying my best to live in the present moment and appreciate it all. I guess, Read More

A poem, rather than a mantra.

  In addition to listening to a lot of podcasts, I love to read and I read a lot. Since our travels are currently restricted, I have been trying to read books that take place in other countries in effort to fulfill my desire to travel. Some days it works and many days it just keeps me yearning to Read More

Be the Change.

  A lot has changed during the last few months, but sadly a lot has stayed the same. I think often about what I, what we, can do to make positive change happen. How can we change the world and make it a better place? How can we leave this place better than we found Read More

Don’t Choose Unhappiness Over Uncertainty.

  Again, another gem from my Two Minute Morning Journal….Don’t Choose Unhappiness Over Uncertainty. And, again, so relevant. These last few months have been extremely challenging for me because I am a planner and an organizer. But, with so much uncertainty, it is hard to do either. I am sure that many of you can Read More

Better than Before

  Throughout this entire pandemic, one thing that has not changed, has been my two-minute morning ritual. I talked a lot about the process at the beginning of the year and I may recycle some of the material as a reminder for everyone. If you happened to purchase the actual journal, it is filled with Read More

I am resilient.

  Change is often challenging, but more than ever we want change to happen. We want change to happen quickly allowing us to go back to “normal.” But, change may not happen as quickly as we would like. If you live here with me in Bethlehem, our stay at home order just got extended to Read More

I Will Adapt.

  I have spent a lot of time listening to podcasts lately, surprise, surprise. Unfortunately though, most of them have been coronavirus updates. But the other day, when listening to one of my fave podcasts by NPR, How I Built This, the person being interviewed said, “We must adapt. Adaption is necessary.” The chef, Jose Andres, Read More

Be Patient.

  I am trying. I am trying my best. I am trying my best to be patient. Let’s bring our collective energy together this week and channel our inner strength to remain patient. This week’s mantra: Be Patient. Be Patient. Be Patient. Sending you all love and virtual hugs! xo – L

This moment is all we have.

  We all have been doing things differently. We all have been forced to reroute and reorganize our lives. We have all been forced to take a pause. As a planner and someone who is often focused on what is next, this has all been extremely challenging for me. Because, we do not know what Read More