I will focus on…

  This week, I am continuing to focus on the Two Minute Morning because I am still loving it and I hope you are too. Not to be redundant, but this week’s focus is…focus. Simply taking the time in the morning to write down three focal points for the day has been extremely helpful for me. This has Read More

I am grateful for…

  I hope you did not miss last week’s post where I talk about the Two Minute Morning. If you did, no worries, simply check out my blog where all my weekly mantras can be found. Over the next three weeks, I plan to continue to focus on the Two Minute Morning because I am loving it Read More

Two Minute Morning

  It happened again… I was listening to a podcast and it all seemed to resonate with me. So, of course, I then wanted to share it with you. As an entrepreneur, my mornings are often all over the place and different everyday. Some mornings I start bright and early with clients and others I Read More

Let’s Start Fresh

  Hi Again and Happy New Year! Tis the season for new beginnings! And, as yoga teaches us, the past is the past, the future is the future and our hearts and our minds should remain in the present. So, as we forge into 2020, let’s start everyday with a fresh perspective and leave behind Read More

I am more than good enough.

  I have gone through phases of making serious restrictions on social media because I personally think it can be a waste of time if you do not pay attention carefully on how and when you are using it. I have even banned it for myself when traveling and during specific times of the day. Read More

I will have fun.

  As you are reading this, I will be exploring New Orleans with dear friends. Despite the craziness of the holidays, we decided to escape and meet with friends who always keep us laughing and smiling. And, for once, I am not in charge of the travel details and I am sooooo excited!! Our friends are New Read More

I am grateful.

  As the holiday craziness continues, let’s keep this week’s mantra simple, yet meaningful. I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful. With gratitude! XO – L

I will find balance.

  Tis the season to become crazy!! Right!?!?! This week marks the beginning of the holiday craze in the United States, despite the fact that holiday music has been playing since October. Ugh!! I am not going to lie, the holidays kinda drive me crazy, so many obligations and so little time. We try to squeeze Read More

Keep Moving.

  Ughhhh!!! As I sit here and write this, I am cold. Brrr!! It is the first morning where the fall frigid air has set in and I am trying my best not to curl up into a ball and hide from the day. Transitions and shifts are always hard for me and the seasons are Read More