Simply Listen

  I am back!! And, this time I am staying grounded for a bit. Or, at least I think so!! You never know:) After a busy fall of traveling I am home where the trees flow in the breeze and the brisk fall mornings have it’s own sense of stillness. We often associate meditation with shutting everything Read More

I will explore.

  Well, that did not last very long… I am off again to explore!! I am heading out this week to Greece to teach some yoga, sail through the sea, hike through the mountains and meet with new friends. I am extremely curious about the world. I am extremely fascinated by other cultures. I am Read More

What do I need?

  I am back from another epic adventure and I hope you were able to see some of my pics on social media because it was all so beautiful! But…Before heading to Italy, I was a stressed out mess. I was trying my best to finish it all, organize it all, basically do it all!! We Read More

Fall Events

  Hey there everyone!!!! Yes, I am still traveling and doing my best to stay disconnected! I have also been busy looking for some new retreat spots while traveling. Hopefully, I can share some new destinations with you in the near future. But, exciting news…I head back this week! I hope I will see you at one Read More

Ciao Ciao for Now!

  Ciao Ciao for Now! My gypsy soul is back in Italy where I often feel the most at home. Italy is where I move at a slower pace, where I feel disconnected from the world, yet more connected to myself, where being present seems like the only option, where food tastes that much fresher, Read More

Take a Deep Breath!

  It is the final countdown until I head to Italy for an entire month!! I am frantically packing, planning, organizing, and worrying way too much! I leave tomorrow and there seems to be an endless list of things to do. But, if that last piece of laundry doesn’t get put away or I forget Read More

I will embrace the moment.

  The conclusion of Musikfest always makes me a little relieved since life goes back to normal, but it also makes me a little sad since it is a reminder that summer is coming to an end. As we hit mid-August, and summer begins to fade, I encourage you all to take some time to Read More

Let’s Flow Together

  After another successful Musikfest filled with dancing, singing and simply going with the flow I am exhausted. If you missed it, Bethlehem, my home town and maybe it is yours too, hosts the largest free music festival in the USA. For me and for many others here near and far, the world stops for 10 Read More

Happy Birthday to Me!

  Yup Yup!! It is my birthday today!! And, not just any birthday, but my 40th!! Eep!! I thought that this picture, taken just a few weeks ago at my cousin’s wedding, beautifully represented what I wanted my 40’s to be filled with. More moments sipping Prosecco, of course, but also more moments filled with Read More