I Will Slow Down

  Back from my beloved Italy with a to-do list that may just be longer than some of my Italian hikes. But, I have a choice. I could have woken up and forgotten my path, my process, my practice or I could choose to give myself permission to be a bit slower, a bit more Read More

I will simply listen

Simply Listen. Sit, simmer and just listen. We often associate mediation with shutting everything out. This week, let’s let everything in. Try to simply listen to all the sounds buzzing around without any other thoughts connected to the sound. So, hear the cars drive by without the wonder of where they are going. Hear the Read More

I know that I don’t know.

  We often make assumptions, judgements or even provide opinions without the full story or all the information. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to admit that you may never know. There are lots of questions that will always remain unanswered to me and I am completely ok with that Read More

I will let the universe guide me.

  We often are afraid to do what we need to do to progress or change. We are often terrified to make the moves that will help us grow and become even more successful. The universe often guides us, but we are afraid to take the path provided. Big things are in my future and Read More

The answers are within me.

We often search, read, journal, travel and seek others’ advice to find our answers and our solutions. When we look deep enough and when we breathe long enough, we find them within us. This week’s mantra: The answers are within me. The answers are within me. Have the most amazing week ever! XO – L

My Path is Practice.

We often forget or don’t realize how much of our path is simply practice. We practice each day how to be better, how to be stronger, how to love more. We practice. Let go of the need to feel and be perfect and embrace the opportunity to practice on your path, not just on your Read More

I Have Nothing to Say

Surprise. Surprise. I have nothing to say… Well, we all know that isn’t true, but in an effort to align with last week’s mantra, Lead by Listening, let’s work on our ability to be silent and still. With summer upon us, festivals, parties and lots of excitement fill our schedules. Take a few moments to Read More