My Path is Practice.

We often forget or don’t realize how much of our path is simply practice. We practice each day how to be better, how to be stronger, how to love more. We practice. Let go of the need to feel and be perfect and embrace the opportunity to practice on your path, not just on your Read More

I Have Nothing to Say

Surprise. Surprise. I have nothing to say… Well, we all know that isn’t true, but in an effort to align with last week’s mantra, Lead by Listening, let’s work on our ability to be silent and still. With summer upon us, festivals, parties and lots of excitement fill our schedules. Take a few moments to Read More

I will sit and savor the moment.

We are often stuck in the past, living in the future and resisting the present. Our moments are more than just a piece of the past or the future, they are now. The past will always be there and the future will be waiting patiently. Sit and savor the moment. Monday Mantra: I will sit Read More

Look for the rainbow within the clouds.

  I vividly remember the day this was picture taken. I couldn’t step away from my phone or computer without a new message, a new email, a new ping showing up. Every time I thought it would stop, it just started back up. I even rolled out my mat and attempted to practice, but the Read More

I will fill my days with passion.

  Although it has been almost exactly 10 years since I left my “real” job, I still clearly remember the sadness and anxiety I would have when I drove to and from work. I was living the life that I “should” be living rather than the life I truly wanted. Back then, I’m not sure Read More

Weekly Mantra for Spring

Weekly Mantra for Spring I love how Spring days begin cold and then warm. I love knowing that the day will become what I love. Life is all about these beautiful transitions. These transitions make us love the destination even more. Sometimes we need to enjoy the moments of discomfort to truly savor the final Read More

I will trust and free myself of fear

I often wonder where I would be if I didn’t take chances, if I didn’t try, if I didn’t trust. The what if’s are endless. The journey is scary, but the rewards are endless and breathtaking. This beautiful picture taken on the island of Anacapri captures it all. I was afraid to step forward, I Read More