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I am a yoga gypsy who loves exploring land and sea. I have always had the travel bug, but only fell in love with yoga 17 years ago.


After completing my Master’s Degree in Business, while working full-time, I knew I needed a shift mentally and physically. Then it happened, I stepped into a yoga class and onto a mat; yoga changed my life forever. Within a year, I completed my 200-hour training and then within another I left my job to pursue a career in yoga. Shortly after, I completed an additional 300 hours of training, a Pilates Mat training, and a Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Training.

My passion to always learn more led me to working with Sadie Nardini. I spent hours soaking up anatomy knowledge from Sadie as well as learning the business of yoga. I had the honor of traveling the world with Sadie as her lovely sidekick for more than two years. This experience and other trainings allowed me to create a teaching style which encourages you to move with attention to alignment and core stability while maintaining a fluid breath cycle. My approach allows you to progress to the next level of your practice while using your core to find balance, stability, and openness. Each yoga class is a reflection of everyday life; challenges in class will require you to maintain the integrity of your core, your true being.

My heart is rooted in my hometown of Bethlehem, PA, with my husband, Josh, and chi-weenie/sidekick, Zeek. My love for travel and adventure keeps me teaching yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, running, tasting healthy vegan food and sipping wine and cocktails all over the globe. I truly love helping others seek the beauty within and the beauty throughout the world. Join me locally, globally or online.

Life is too short, not to love it! So, I hope you will join me for classes, workshops and retreats filled with energizing, uplifting and sweaty yoga flows.

Big hugs, love and the travel bug,


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