Now Yoga Begins

And, here is one of my favorite mantras from the past… You may have been practicing yoga for weeks, months, years and maybe even decades plus, but our yoga practice is more than just the movements on our mat. I recently read Yoga Sutra 1.1 and for some reason it resonated with me quite differently […]

Less is More!

How’s it going?!?! Are you as happy as I am that Spring is here?!?! It is not just about the weather, but the energy. This Spring really feels like we are truly coming out of hibernation. Well, I am ready!! That being said, recently, I have been talking to a lot of people regarding their […]

What Works, What Doesn’t Work

For this week’s mantra, I was inspired by a podcast, but honestly I cannot remember which one it came from, ha. As I have mentioned before, I listen to podcasts while I run and then take notes of things that inspire me and interest me. Well, I guess my note taking skills were not great […]