Love Where You are Going!

  Love where you are going…   These beautiful words came via a note from my dear friend Ena (yes, I have talked about her before. She’s a true gem.) And, it was exactly what I needed to read, hear and feel. As I pack my bags to head back to Europe, I am still Read More

I Quit!!!

I Quit… I remember the day I walked away from what I thought was a great career and a great future. I remember judging myself and letting others judge me. I remember quitting like it was yesterday. The flow of tears that were often shed and the anxiety churning within paralyzed me, but then I Read More

Saying goodbye to a good friend…

  Saying goodbye to a good friend… I feel like summer has literally flown by and the transition into fall is already underway. Yes, the heat is still here and maybe where you are it is as well, but August always feels like I am saying goodbye to a good friend who has come to Read More

Change is a Coming…

  Change is a Coming… Change, change, change is always around the bend, but we are often not prepared to make the changes necessary to move forward and move on. We struggle to stay the same and we struggle to become different. Change is often what we want and often what we fear. There is Read More

My FIRST Yoga Retreat

  My FIRST Yoga Retreat I think I have mentioned this before, but just in case you missed the memo…I have NEVER been on a yoga retreat. Well, I have never been a guest on a yoga retreat. I have hosted and taught a ton, but I am finally taking the role as the guest. Read More

Taking a Break from Yoga

Taking a Break from Yoga Ok, well, not really, but yes, I have been taking a bit of a break from yoga. As many of you know from my blog posts, social media updates and personal encounters, I have been learning Italian. After chatting with two other of my fellow yoga teachers, I realized how Read More

Are you listening?

  Are you listening? I had this epiphany the other day that I am always listening. I love podcasts on yoga, cooking, traveling… I love to listen to audio Italian lessons. I am always working on creating a new music play list for my classes. I listen, I listen, I listen… Technology has provided us Read More

I am not broken.

I am not broken. Sadly, I always know what it feels like. I can recognize the little bit of swelling, the tenderness to touch and the change in my stride. After suffering from more fractures than I can count, I just know. So, three weeks ago when I realized I was suffering from another stress Read More

Spring is in the Air!

  Spring is in the Air! Thank goodness Spring is finally here! Winter and I don’t have the best relationship, but it does allow me to see the beauty in Spring with ease. I am always filled with gratitude for longer days, sunshine and warmth. Oh and the ability to practice, play and simply bask Read More

Finding Your Yogi Body

Finding Your Yogi Body I started and stopped writing blogs similar to this one time and time again. I worried what you all would think, how you would process it, how I would say the words perfectly so that you would understand just what I was trying to say… I even wondered if I was Read More