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Weekly Mantra

I Understand.

This week, I am recycling a mantra from a few years ago because when I reread it, it really resonated with me and I thought

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I will shine bright.

  This week’s mantra is short, simple and to the point. Sometimes, that is exactly what we need. This past year has been a rollercoaster

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I will see options.

  So, it happened again, today’s mantra is inspired by some words of wisdom provided in an online class with Kathryn Budig. I know. I

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I will look inward.

  We often spend time looking for the answers externally. We search, we ask others, we google, but most often the answers are within us.

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Pay Attention.

  Happy Spring! The birds are chirping; the flowers are beginning to bloom and the mounds of snow surrounding my house have finally melt. Thank goodness!

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I am resilient.

Curious, but how is your yoga practice going? I have been making a conscious effort to be much more consistent with my own practice. During

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