Now Yoga Begins

And, here is one of my favorite mantras from the past…

You may have been practicing yoga for weeks, months, years and maybe even decades plus, but our yoga practice is more than just the movements on our mat. I recently read Yoga Sutra 1.1 and for some reason it resonated with me quite differently than ever before.

Atha yoga anushasanam

Now yoga begins

This time when I read and heard the words within me, they felt different. I clearly knew the words no longer had to do with the poses, but rather with what leads before me in life. Simply, now yoga begins and it is way beyond what occurs on my mat. It is now about everything else. The poses simply lead us to awareness.

This week, notice where you can be more present, more giving, more understanding, more fluid with your actions… Let your yoga begin a whole new journey.

This week’s mantra:

Now yoga begins.

Now yoga begins.

Now yoga begins.

I hope this mantra resonates with you and will help guide you throughout your week.

XO – Laurel

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