Dream Big!

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Dream Big!
I often tell my story of leaving my day job behind for pursuing my passions. But, my dreams did not stop there! That would have left me with quite the boring and uneventful life. Could you image if I stopped dreaming at the age of 28?!?!?! That would have been crazy!!!
Leaving my job was just the beginning of making my dreams a reality. It all started slowly and sometimes it all happened quickly. But the truth is, I dream crazy, big dreams all the time. Some I may forget before I even have a chance to start implementing them. Others stay fresh and clear in my brain and I work, work and work on trying to make them a reality.
People say to me, when I travel, “Enjoy your vacation!” I often laugh inside or sometimes even outside because my travels are actually part of my job. How did that happen?!?! I have wanted nothing more in life to travel and experience the world and I made it happen. I networked. I networked. I networked. And, I made it happen!! Ok, there was a little more that I did than network, but that was a huge part of it. I have the gift to gab about my passions and I often have the gift to connect with others as well as connect others with others (make sense:).
Anyways, the details of implementation do not really matter, but the fact that I went after my dreams and began to make them a reality is. Yoga teaches us self observation. When we observe what will make us truly happy, we are doing yoga. Observing your “dreams” is all a part of it. Take your day dream and make it a reality.
Your dreams may vary greatly from mine and might be something much more simplistic, but finding ways to live them and accomplish them is the key. I wanted to share my weekly mantra with you even if you already read it on social media because we often need to see, read and hear things over, over and over again. Ahh!! And, that is why we have mantras.
So, repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat again…
Inhale: Dreams are meant to be lived.
Exhale: Life is meant to be a dream.
Sending you love, hugs and hopefully a little inspiration!
XO – L

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