I Accept Plan B

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I started using mantras a few years ago to help clear my mind, motivate me and in an attempt to sit still and meditate. Shortly after, I began to share them via social media in an effort to help others do the same.
People often tell me how much they enjoy them and how they often can be helpful. So, I thought I would try sharing them via email as well. I know some of you are not on social media and I completely respect and honor that decision. I also know that often we miss things via social media because of algorithms and things I completely do not understand. So, I look forward to sharing these with you here and hopefully they will be a bit inspirational and motivational for you as well.
This weeks mantra and message —–>
“The most successful people are those who are good at plan b.” James A Yorke
This quote was stuck in my brain. It was so stuck that I shared it all last week with my students and now I am sharing it with you. It resonated with me and others. Students talked with me about it after class, followed up with texts and conversations. The truth is, plan b is always in motion. Typically, things don’t work out exactly how we anticipate and often times they work out better.
For me, being a yoga teacher is most likely Plan D and I am so happy those other well thought out plans didn’t work. I remember browsing through law school books (before the days of google). After accepting a job after college, I remember rerouting and then searching for publishing agencies to work. I remember the mental and physical anguish of completing my masters degree in business. I remember the fear in my whole soul when I left my job to pursue my own passions. And, these are simply career choices and changes. I could write a book on my Plan B’s for my personal life, my health choices, my living location…. the truth is, the plan is never permanent and nothing truly is. But, those who can accept that and the next plan are the truly successful ones. So, let this week’s mantra help you move forward and move on…
I accept plan B. I accept plan B.
XO – L

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