Searching for Home!

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Searching for Home!
The last three weeks have been a whirlwind! From hiking the coast of Spain, strolling the rolling hills of Tuscany, to hustling through Florence and Milan; it has been a fun, crazy and sometimes challenging few weeks. But, as I roamed, I found myself missing home, yet searching for a new one.
No, no…I am not packing my bags and moving across the big pond, but I find it extremely important to try to become one with your environment, to immerse yourself in culture and to make every place feel like home. Just as yoga teaches us, I become present and immersed in the moment rather than focusing on the travels before or after.
Travel allows us to disconnect from our daily schedule and encourages us to become self-observant. We have the opportunity to decide where our day will lead and then how it will end. Life becomes the moment rather than the agenda.
As I type these words, I am flying home and my agenda is already filling. My moments abroad are still running through my mind and living in the moment already seems to be fading. But, I have the choice to run franticly back into a crazy schedule constantly thinking about the next agenda item or I can choose to hold onto the feeling and ability to stay within the moment. When we meditate and when we move on our mats, our minds may wander, but we have the option to bring it back. So, as I prepare to enter back home, I plan to make each moment home rather than always be searching for one. The moment becomes home rather than the destination or location.
Sending you love, stillness and steadiness,
Xo – L

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