Seek and Find LOVE in EVERYTHING!

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Seek and Find LOVE in EVERYTHING!
I know for many of you it has been a challenging few weeks between the election, change in seasons, time change… Life is ever-changing, but for many of you this time around it has been quite difficult. I get it; I hear ya; I understand! Life is not just about what happens to us, but more importantly it is about how we react. How do we react in times of change, frustration, fear? How do we show up? How do we become better people and how do we help others do the same?
I heard from a lot of you regarding your holiday family and friend fears. I know many of you feel that you are on different “sides,” but the truth is we are all in this together. We all need to take off our boxing gloves and put our big huge hearts on our sleeves. I know, I know…this is so much easier said than done.
Can we sit and listen with our hearts and minds open and hear and understand each other? Can we try to have a conversation that is filled with passion, but not anger? Can we be the change we want to see in the world? Can we seek and find love in everything and everyone? Rather than seeing our families or friends as the side we are fighting, can you see them as the people you have always loved? Can you accept that everyone, including us, has flaws and that none of us are perfect?
There is so much to consider. But, this heartfelt thought process will lead us to change that will flood the world with love rather than anger. Think before you respond and when you respond, respond with love and compassion. We can do this! We can seek and find LOVE!
Throughout the holidays, I encourage you to use this mantra daily:
I will seek and find LOVE in EVERYTHING & EVERYONE!
XO – L

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