Shine Bright

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Most of you reading this are living in the United States, but I know that all of you are watching, listening and anticipating what the future will bring, not just for us here, but for people everywhere. As someone who has always lived in the United States and never even studied abroad, I was unaware of how much the “outside” world knew what was going on here and how much it impacted their lives.
During my last visit to Italy, I was so shocked by how entrenched the world was in the US election. The news focused on it, people asked about it and everyone had an opinion. I almost felt they knew more than I did and sadly I am sure many of them did. I was fascinated by their level of knowledge and their level of concern. We talked to the waiters, business owners and even random people hiking. Once people knew we were American, the conversation revolved around the election. They brought it up, not us. They wanted to express how they felt. They wanted to express their concerns and they wanted to express their fears. I know they are all watching. I know they are listening and I know they are waiting.
As we all wait with anticipation and lose our focus on everything else, I encourage you to not be absorbed by negative thoughts and actions. I encourage you to listen, but not be consumed. I encourage you to be the bright beautiful change we all need in the world. We have the ability to stay bright and be the light. We have the ability to shine and transform.
No matter the outcome at the end of the day, we, as in you and me, are still powerful. We are still impactful. We are the change. We are the future.
Today and all week return to this mantra and allow it to transform you and those around you.
I will be the light. I will shine bright.
Close your eyes and hear those words. Open your eyes and see light and beauty.
Sending you radiant light and love this week!

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