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The holidays are upon us and life may begin to spiral out of control, but we have the option to combat that and stay healthy, happy and feeling awesome! Getting to classes or reserving your usual self-care time may not be an option, but squeezing in a few minutes here and there should be.
So, unroll your mat and keep up with your practice with me. I now have three online series available with Gather Yoga. Check out the series listed below and receive 30% OFF on my Runner’s and Core Series with promo code Laurel30.
Become a stronger and more effective runner through this runner’s series that will provide yoga poses for your warm up, cool down and maintenance poses for your resting days. Bonus video will discuss breathing techniques to help you become a more efficient and effective runner. If you want to be a stronger and faster runner and reduce injury, then this is the perfect series for you!
Usually $19.99, Only $14 with PROMO CODE LAUREL30
Join me in a collection of five 10-15 minute core strengthen and lengthen exercises to help improve your over all yoga practice and functionality throughout your everyday activities.
In 5 days you will:
Strengthen 360 degrees of your core
Strengthen Lower Abdominals
Learn Proper Alignment for Core Strength
Stretch and Strengthen your Core
This series is a great preparation for more challenging Poses, and the perfect supplement to a full practice. Or, combine them all to create one longer Core Building Practice! Either way, learn how to improve and strengthen core safely and effectively.
Usually $24.99, Only $17.50 with PROMO CODE LAUREL30
So excited to announce my most recent video series!
Join me for a 3 Day Conscious Cleansing Series to stay feeling happy, healthy and whole.
This video series provides practitioners with an opportunity to move through 3 conscious cleansing sequences that will help cleanse the body as well as the mind. In addition, daily cleansing tips are provided via video as well as with a 34 page PDF Handout that includes healthy ways to cleanse the body all year long.
Benefits you will get out of this series:
Use the breath and poses to encourage detox throughout the body.
Learn to calm the mind and detox thoughts that consume you.
Learn every day, easy, at home tips on how to cleanse the body and the mind.
Cleansing is not just about what we consume, but also what consumes us. Move through this series weekly to stay feeling happy, healthy and whole.
Feel free to respond to this email if you have any questions regarding any of the series.
I hope your holidays are filled with love, laughter and feeling awesome!
XO – L

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