My Determination to Heal My Body

My Determination to Heal My Body image
When I broke my knee cap at the age of 30 and was quickly diagnosed with osteoporosis there after, my spirit felt shattered. I was a vegan. I was a runner. I did yoga… I thought I was doing everything right.
After seeing specialists in Philadelphia and Manhattan and running tons of tests on me, no one understood the cause. However, they all had medicine for me to try. Six years later, the doctors were just as dumbfounded when my test results showed that I actually improved my bone density without medicine, which at my age is seen as nearly impossible.
If I told the doctors I meditated and told myself I was strong and healthy, they would have never connected the dots. If I would have told them that my will to be stronger was the reason, they would have never believed. If I told them, I walked the dog with a weighted book bag just as a last attempt to strengthen my quickly weakening bones they would have doubted me. But I did all these things and more. What I didn’t do was listen to the typical protocol and I didn’t give up.
The first few years after my diagnosis, I felt defeated, especially after having additional fractures every few months. As a result, everything continued to get worse. The moment I stopped feeling like a vicim and started feeling like I was in control, my heart, mind and body began to strengthen. I did lots of research. I tried lots of supplements. I made changes to my diet and exercise regimen, but most importantly I changed my attitude.
You have the power and strength to create a healthy and happy life! Take ownership of your thoughts and your actions and you can make a difference in your life and in others. Yoga is so much more than the poses, it is the breath we breathe in and out everyday. Breathe in health and happiness and breathe out all the crap holding you back from the best that you can be.
Sending you strength and determination!
With Love.
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