Being Alone

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My heart was pounding. My legs were shaky. And, I kept hearing…”Oh Shit!” in my head.
Before I get to the good stuff, let me preface the remainder of this story. Each year I spend some time in Cape May, NJ by myself. I use the time to catch up on writing and planning and as opportunity to become one with the sand, surf and salt air. I always spend a few days with others, but I always take a few days to be alone as well. When I started this solo getaway it was a bit scary and a bit lonely. But, I always learn so much about myself within these few days.
So back to the good stuff…
I decided to head out on a paddle board excursion by myself (with Zeek of course) through the bay. After paddling for an hour, I noticed dark clouds and thunder in the distance. With no one in site and the marina in a far distance, I began paddling as fast as I could and tried to remain as calm as possible. My yoga breath took over and my determination to move fast as hell kicked in.
After an exhausting windy and choppy paddle back to shore, I needed to fight the wind and get the paddle board back on top of the car. The board kept slipping from my grip and the wind kept pushing it away from me. So, I put the board down, took a deep breath and tried one more time. Before I knew it, I had the board stacked on the car and Zeek and I were heading back to the house.
I tell this story because I often question doing things alone. I always feel like I need a buddy or someone to keep me company. My paddle solo excursion may not have been the smartest adventure, but I felt so empowered after I got back into the car safely.
My evening ended with a night stroll on the beach. I watched a shooting star float over me and a heat storm lit the distant sky. The waves crashed alongside of me and the breeze and salt air blew by. At that moment, I realized being alone isn’t scary, but rather not being able to embrace the moments alone is.
I encourage you to take some moments for yourself and truly disconnect. Turn off the social media and email notifications. Go for a walk. Clear your head. Be quiet and be brave. You are an awesome person to hang out with!
Sending you light and love!

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