Managing the Moment

Managing the Moment image
There are definitely moments I wish I could erase from my memory. There are definitely moments I wish I could relive so that I could do it differently. There are a lot of moments that have created my life and there are a lot of moments that have created yours. We often live each day focused on moments that have happened and anticipating the moments that will. It is a cycle we all get trapped in. It is a cycle that takes us away from where we need to be, which is right here. We are meant to live in the moment that is occurring, not the moments that did and not the moments that will.
Yoga teaches us to get on the mat and turn off everything else, but what about the moments your mat feels like a tropical island that’s so so so far away? The truth is our yoga mat is truly just that, a tropical island, that may not be reachable right now. But, within us, we have the strength to take our mats and that mindset everywhere we go. I’m not suggesting you lug your mat everywhere, but I am suggesting that the feeling of becoming one with the moment is always possible.
My mantra for this week was “everyday is a gift,” but if we don’t see the gift it doesn’t really exist. Take a moment to love where you are right now. Moments vanish and only become memories. Live and love in them now!
Sending you strength, clarity and calmness!
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