Getting Personal

Getting Personal image
With social media at our fingertips and on our minds constantly, is there much remaining in our lives that is truly personal? I am not judging, but rather just discussing and wondering what is still personal for you or me. I thought about this a lot when traveling through the South with my dear friend and frequent retreat partner, Rachel DeAlto.
When walking the streets of Savannah, I told her that she needed to take some yoga pics of me. Despite my intentions that day, we never took one yoga pose pic. This was not the first time, nor will it be the last, that I bailed on the idea of yoga pics.
After a little bit of contemplation, I realized how personal my practice is to me, which is most likely why I become a little camera shy while in poses. I love yoga and I love the space it provides me to get grounded, centered and to be alone. In a world of constant outreach, when are we really ever alone? When do we allow ourselves to be quiet and free from interaction? Ah…I know…when we get on our yoga mats.
I encourage you to unroll your mat, turn off the social media and begin to move in silence and solitude. Be alone, yet free. Make your practice a custom made moving meditation that is yours and yours only.
P.S.  Two awesome retreats coming up this Fall with me and Rachel DeAlto! Click for info on the Girlfriends Getaway in the Poconos and the Self-Discovery and Self-Love Retreat in Mexico!

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