Lost for Words!

Lost for Words! image
Since returning from Italy, my pep in my step has been a little deflated. Trying to combat jet lag, catching up on the never ending to-do list and managing a calendar filled with endless social obligations and lots of classes has me a bit worn out. So, over the last few days, my tired brain has been pondering on what to share with you. What will inspire you? What will make you smile? What will help you create a better life for yourself or appreciate the one you have? Then, I realized, I might not always have the perfect thing to say, but I always have the ability to listen.
How often are we worried about filling the quiet air with our words? How often are we eagerly waiting to respond? How often do we listen? Do we take the time to listen with our full attention to the ones we love? How often do we listen to the beautiful nature that surrounds us? How often do we listen to ourselves and respect what we hear?
So, this week, I have nothing more to say than to simply, LISTEN! Enjoy what you hear. Enjoy what you learn and enjoy the changes that will follow.
Sending you a quiet hug filled with lots of love!
P.S.  Listen to your heart and I hope it tells you to join me and Rachel DeAlto this October in Mexico! Hehe!  Click here for all the details! 

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