Studying Abroad!

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If you asked me three weeks ago, “What is one of your major regrets in life?” I would have quickly responded that I don’t have many, but I have always regretted not studying abroad during my undergraduate or graduate studies. This regret has plagued me and has always remained a little dark spot in my heart until recently. While running through the vineyards in Italy, I had an epiphany, a breakthrough, a paradigm shift. DING, DING, DING!!!!! I HAVE AND I WILL CONTINUE TO STUDY ABROAD!!!!!
At that sweaty moment, my perspective changed. I realized I have been studying abroad rather than simply vacationing all these years. After graduating from college, I have spent more than 6 weeks in Italy, Mexico and Aruba and shorter stays in other countries and other places within the U.S. Each time I travel, I study. I learn different ways to communicate, eat, drink and bond with others. I indulge in their history, way of life and way of being. When I return, I very rarely bring home souvenirs, but rather I bring home a piece of their culture. I play their card games. I eat at a slower pace. I learn to love a different vegetable or fruit. I study and I learn.
Regrets do not need to be permanent and they often don’t require any major action. They simply require a change of perspective.
Sending you light, love and the travel bug!
P.S.  I hope you will join me and Rachel DeAlto while we study abroad this October in Mexico!!! I cannot say enough about the people, the community, the food and the authentic kindness offered at Xinalani in Mexico. Sip fresh coconut water. Watch the farmers on mules ride by. Eat fresh food grown on their property. Learn to salsa. Listen to the sounds of the ocean and jungle blend together. Do I need to say more?!?!?  Click here for all the details!

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