Run Away! NO Sneakers Required!

Run Away! NO Sneakers Required image
I am running away! Not forever, but just for this weekend! I encourage you to do the same. It is nothing you or my family did; it is just a required recharge. After this blog, I am stepping away from the MacBook, iPad and iPhone. I love apples, but this is ridiculous!
I am spending the weekend in Cape May, NJ, one of my favorite places to escape to. As a child, beach vacations filled my free time and now as an adult I can’t think of a place I’d rather be. I love the sand in my toes and the remnants of sand I find for days after returning home. I love the ocean breeze and how it tunes out all the thoughts in my mind. I love the salty air and how it makes my hair curlier and thicker than usual.
Your favorite place may not be the beach or it may be too far away for an escape. Your place may be the mountains, a friend’s house, a lake or even your own backyard. Find your place and escape!
This escape was not needed because I am stressed out, overworked or tired, but because I needed a recharge, reset and a moment to refocus. I LOVE my life and the work I do so it is so hard to step away and shut down. I find myself so excited and ready to help others that I often forget that “I” even exist. Dinners with my husband most often sound like a board meeting with status updates on the Attansio Enterprise rather than a loving social conversation. We both are so motivated and passionate that we often forget that we are married and not business partners.
So, this weekend I am stepping away from technology and detoxing from social media. In an effort to give you more upon my return, I am running away. How often do we do this? How often do we need this? These moments of detox from our every day lives, our endless to-do lists and of course the never ending texts, tweets, Facebook messages are needed. We need to disconnect to reconnect to ourselves.
As yogis, we attempt to stay present in the moment, but how can we do this when the world has access to us 24/7? Within the next few days, find some time to give to yourself and step away from technology. You can run, walk or swim away, but promise to take the time. These extra moments are when you become better than great and more productive and loving for all. So, this weekend, please don’t be offended if I don’t “like” your tweet, FB Post or Instagram. And, if I comment, please remind me to step away from the technology. I hope you do the same!
Wishing you a weekend filled with love, joy and freedom from technology,

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