I’m Kicking You OUT!!

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The sun is finally shining in the Northeast and warm temperatures have been making their appearance! So, this is perfect timing to change up your yoga scenery. Get your yoga booties outside with or without your mat and fall in love with what surrounds you.
The Sanskrit translation for the word yoga is to unite, yoke or join. Taking your practice outside gives you the opportunity to unite with more than just your thoughts and feelings that encompass the space of your mat. Use your outdoor yoga practice as an opportunity to learn to tune in and tune out!
Take that Mat To Go!
Roll up your mat and grab your favorite yoga bag. Head out on a mission to find a space that calms and soothes your soul. I often practice in my back yard or on our deck, but I have also practiced on the beach, in the woods, in town squares, in parks, poolside… Use your practice to tune in to the sounds that soothe you and tune out the sounds that distract you. Can you listen to the water, the breeze, the leaves moving in the trees, the humming of the bees and the singing of the birds? Can you tune out people talking, children playing, traffic moving by and the lawnmowers buzzing? Keep searching for different locations until you find the one that works best for you.
Warm up, Cool Down!
When outside, we know we cannot control the temperature, but we can control our practice and how we adjust to the outdoor elements. Dress appropriately and then change your practice to fit the weather. Add in heating poses on days there is still a chill in the air: chair poses, twists and boat poses! When the sun is strong, move through sun salutations at a slower pace and add in plenty of forward folds, hip openers and supported backbends and shoulder stand.
Go Matless!
Get adventurous. Try paddle board yoga! Let the sound of the water calm you and the moving current challenge you. Go for a run and stop to take triangle pose to stretch out those IT bands! Hike through the woods and strike a tree pose! Try yoga on the beach while watching the waves! Walk the dog and notice each up and down dog. Don’t feel guilty for not completing your typical round of sun salutations and practice. The more you let go of your attachment to the routine, the closer you get to truly practicing yoga.
Always remember, Yoga is Life. Life is Yoga! Take your yoga everywhere you go! Mat is never required!
With gratitude, love and lots of energy,

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