Let Today, Inspire Tomorrow!

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To be honest and a little blunt, for me, Monday sucked! This was not your usual Monday blahs, but rather a day full of setbacks, mishaps and unpleasant surprises. Rather than stay calm and move through the day as the happy yogi I tend to be, I freaked, I spazzed, I panicked and I think I may have even had a tiny bit of road rage. The day felt physically and mentally exhausting and I wanted to hide from the world by the end of the day and I did.
When in hiding, I made a choice. “Let Today, Inspire Tomorrow!” What can I learn from today? What can I do differently? How can I change today and make tomorrow the best it can be? How can I use today to help and inspire others?
Everyday may not be filled with those “aha moments,” but they are surely always filled with moments that will impact the next. For me, my response mechanisms were way off the chart and did not reflect how I tend to respond to situations. So, what can I do differently? Implementing my yoga breathing would have helped a whole lot. I know I was holding my breath; I am surprised I did not turn blue.
For you, it may be something you ate and now you are ready to change your eating habits. Maybe, you have not exercised in awhile and you are ready to add it back in. Your moment may stem from something more positive. You got a pay raise allowing you to go on that trip you have been planning for years. Or, you got into a handstand today and can’t wait to help others try.
All these moments change the next and make us who were are today. We can choose to let these moments impact us negatively or we can use each moment to create positive change in our lives and others. Breathe in each moment and let it drive the next. Let Today, Inspire Tomorrow!
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Sending light, love and positive energy your way,

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