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Nothing is Permanent

I cannot believe Christmas is less than two weeks away and the New Year is right around the corner! For me, this year has been a whirlwind and an emotional rollercoaster. I often said that 2020 was my year of tears, but in 2021 my emotions and energy were all over the place. Every moment I felt confident things were moving in the right direction, things seemed to come to a halt. When my spirits were way up, something, somehow found its way to bring them down. We know that we do not have control of anything but ourselves, but the daily uncertainties have made staying consistently positive extremely challenging. I do not want to be a downer at Christmas, but I cannot be anything, but honest.

But, all that being said, I am extremely grateful for all those positive moments that filled 2021. Being able to teach and travel again filled my soul and helped me feel my “normal” self again. Both 2020 and 2021 made me realize how quickly both can be taken away from me. So, although we cannot predict the future or even the next moment, I am extremely grateful for each present moment that I can flow and explore with you. I often joke during yoga classes, while holding a pose for a lengthy amount of time, that “nothing is permanent.” This is so true. From challenging yoga poses to challenging struggles in our lives, nothing is permanent; everything is ever-changing. Let’s use this week’s mantra to guide us through the rest of the year and beyond.

Nothing is Permanent.

Nothing is Permanent.

Nothing is Permanent.

Sending you all love and positive energy!

Xo – Laurel

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