Nothing is Permanent.

Nothing is Permanent
Today, I am actually sharing an old post and mantra from over two years ago. I came across it the other day and it really resonated with me and I thought it may resonate with you as well. I believe we see things when we need to and I really needed to see this. Regrettably, I did not just get back from any travels as mentioned below, but I know you will still get the point.
Ahh!! Yes, I am back from another adventure and sadly it is over!! Sadness, happiness and even vacations are not permanent (although, we may want vacations to be;). The good and the bad begin, but they also end. The key is to understand impermanence and see joy in the transition rather than the destination. In yoga, we often focus on the final pose, but rather the focus should be on all the hard work that leads you to that pose.
So, just as in yoga, in life, there can be ups and downs, challenging transitions as well as easy ones, but recognizing the beauty in it all is the key. No matter where you are today and no matter what challenges, big or small, come your way, realize that nothing is permanent. Hold this mantra close to your heart throughout the week while on and off your mat.
This week’s mantra:
Nothing is Permanent.
Nothing is Permanent.
Nothing is Permanent.
May your eyes and heart be open this week to the beauty in it all!
Enjoy your week!
With love and gratitude,
xo – L

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