Do What You Can…

Mantra: Do what you can
Here we are… last day of February. I am hoping that Spring heads our way soon! Once again, this week’s mantra is inspired by a podcast and one of my favorites, Hidden Brain. During the episode Minimizing Pain and Maximizing Joy, the podcast host and guest discuss how to cope with hardship based on ancient philosophy and modern psychology. I think we could all use some help in this department after the year we have all dealt with. At one point, the guest and philosopher, William B. Irvine, says…
Do What You Can
With What You Got
Where You Are At
I remember stopping and replaying those words. Then, I remember saying these words over and over again. It become an instant mantra for me. So, let’s use these words this week to guide us and keep us grounded. These words resonate deeply with me and I hope they resonate with you as well.
Enjoy your week!
With love and gratitude,
xo – Laurel

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