I will find joy.

I will find joy mantra
I have a unique and very special business that allows me to travel the globe to beautiful and exotic places. My toes are often in the sand, warm air often surrounds me and nature usually wakes me. But, I must admit, home is where my heart is. Although I travel a lot, if I kept my happiness to my moments of travel, I would not be a very happy person.
For me, I find joy in the little things as much as I do the big ones. My morning yoga routine, snuggles with my puppy, a glass of wine and conversation with my husband, long soaks in my tub, runs through Bethlehem… These bring me just as much joy as my moments abroad. I love love love to travel, but finding joy in everyday life is just as important. The key is giving yourself permission to have those moments. So, this week I encourage you to find joy in the subtleties, but also add moments of joy into your day. Determine what makes you laugh, smile and feel happy, then add more of that into your days.
This week’s mantra:
I will find JOY!
I will find JOY!
I will find JOY!
Sending you love, laughs and smiles!
XO – L

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