Do it scared!

Do it scared matra
Yes, it happened again! This week’s mantra is inspired by a podcast:)
So, I was listening to a podcast and I heard Ruth Soukup explain her theory that we just need to “Do it scared!,” which made me a little nervous by just hearing those words. I continued to listen and immediately after I purchased her book with the same name. (Stay tuned for a future mantra inspired by the book;) Ruth encourages you to look into the reasoning behind your fears and what is holding you back from moving forward. Often these fears are deeply rooted and influenced so much by our personalities.
Check out her site and do her Fear Assessment. It is super fascinating. I tend to overthink, over analyze and over research everything, which in turn makes me a procrastinator!! I would have never considered myself a procrastinator until I did this assessment. The point is to not dwell on the fear, but rather recognize it and move forward with it.
So, this week, let’s recognize our fears and let’s continue to move forward.
This week’s mantra:
Do it scared.
Do it scared.
Do it scared.
Sending you love and fearlessness!
XO – L

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