I Will Explore

I will explore image
As you read this, I will be making my way to Mexico to the quiet and remote Isla Holbox to disconnect for a bit and explore. Despite the facade, I am quite the introvert and most of my travels are with groups of people, who I love dearly, but I am extremely excited to have a few days alone with my husband, Josh.
Exploration on and off my mat remains an imperative component of my life. For me, exploration allows us to remain curious and allows us to continue to grow. So, as I explore the tiny island of Holbox and take some time to explore and plan my schedule for 2019, set a goal this week to explore both the physical and the mental. What you find, may surprise you.
This Week’s Mantra:
I will explore
I will explore
I will explore
Sending you love and gratitude,
XO – L

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