I Will Disconnect.

I will disconnect image
Society and social media make us feel that we always need to be connected. This can be extremely exhausting and stressful. Disconnecting for a bit is often what we need so that we can connect with more intention and authenticity.
And, I am doing exactly that!! I am still enjoying the beautiful serenity of Isla Holbox. This picture was taken in Italy in September. I am trying to leave the phone in the lock box rather than in my hand. To disconnect, you do not need to travel out of the country. (Although, it is nice when you can.) Simply take some time to turn off the phone, your laptop and all other smart devices keeping you tuned in and connected. Take this time to simply enjoy and connect to the moment without distractions.
This Week’s Mantra:
I will disconnect
I will disconnect
I will disconnect
Sending you love and gratitude,
XO – L

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