My FIRST Yoga Retreat

My FIRST Yoga Retreat image
My FIRST Yoga Retreat
I think I have mentioned this before, but just in case you missed the memo…I have NEVER been on a yoga retreat. Well, I have never been a guest on a yoga retreat. I have hosted and taught a ton, but I am finally taking the role as the guest.
As you receive this email, I will be shutting down, shutting out and reconnecting with myself. I will be indulging in yoga and taking big deep breaths in Ireland. I cannot wait to come back feeling happier and healthier than ever. We all know that we need to find time for ourselves so that we can truly be there for others. So, as your yoga teacher and friend, I look forward to seeing you all rejuvenated and refreshed.
I hope our paths cross either on the mat or off in the near future. See below for information regarding upcoming retreats and events. You can still be a guest for my Italy Retreat, which includes yoga, hiking, kayaking, fabulous food and of course wine. Deadline for registration is August 1!
Sending you love and the travel bug,
XO – L

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