Change is a Coming…

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Change is a Coming…
Change, change, change is always around the bend, but we are often not prepared to make the changes necessary to move forward and move on. We struggle to stay the same and we struggle to become different. Change is often what we want and often what we fear.
There is so much change being thrown at me right now that my pig-tails are frizzier than ever and my mind seems scattered and completely out of wack. I know what I need to do, but succumbing to change no matter how beneficial still feels down right frightening!! But, airing my worries feels detoxify-ing and makes me feel like we are all in this together.
So rather than bore you with the details or put rumors out into the air, I will keep my changes hush hush for now. (I promise you that there is nothing to worry about.) But, I encourage you to reflect on the changes that are being thrown at you. Are you avoiding them, ignoring them or completely shutting them out? Are you ready for change, but afraid of it? I know I am doing a little of all of the above, but if we work through it together I know we can all become even stronger and more unified.
Whether your changes are little or large, take a deep breath, move through your practice and know that we are all in this together.
And, to calm you and ground you, I leave you with my dear friend Ena’s sweet words that she concluded class with while in Ireland…
Love where you are. Love where you are not.
Love who you are. Love who you are not.
Sending you love and courage!
XO – L

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