Present Inside!

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Happy Holidays!
For many of you, this may be the best time of year and for others, it may be the worst. As we are all overwhelmed with our expanding to do list, we breathe less, we panic more and we compare and contrast way too much. When I was younger, I ran around searching for the perfect gifts, the “things” I thought would make others smile, the “items” that they would hold onto forever. But, then, I stopped.
I changed my perspective on gift giving years ago. I began to realize that the true present was inside me. I was the gift rather than the new piece of clothing or the new kitchen item. I am not a grinch or stingy by any stretch, but I love to give more of myself and more of my time then finding the perfect item that can be boxed.
If your list is still long or even short, can you come up with a creative way to give your time and energy to family and friends? Can you make them dinner? Can you plan a date day? Can you plan an evening of yoga with friends rather than buying them another pair of stretchy pants? For friends and family, you are truly the gift. You hold the present inside of you.
So, stop shopping; get creative; look inside and you will find the perfect present!
Sending you love, hugs and holiday cheer!
XO – L

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