So Much Has Changed

So Much Has Changed image
So much has changed and so much always will.
The last several months have been filled with crazy life changes from moving, to adjusting, to changing schedules, adding and canceling events to reevaluating my health and then throw the holidays in there. To say the least, I feel like I have been on an emotional and physical roller coaster ride. But from what I hear, it is not just me!
If you have, unfortunately, I cannot give you a special potion to remove these obstacles and challenges, but I can recommend getting on your mat more often and adding in a daily meditation practice. These moments can be short and sweet. Move through a few poses and then sit quietly for a few minutes. Let yourself refocus, recharge and calm down.
Keep this week’s message and mantra in your back pocket for those crazy moments.
Some mornings and weeks are more challenging than others. But,,, know that those long minutes where you question your journey are all part of your path as well. If we didn’t question what we were doing once in awhile, we would mindlessly move through life. It’s ok to be curious. It’s ok to change direction. It’s ok to forge a new path.
I embrace my curiosity. I embrace my ability to change direction. I embrace my past, present and future path.
Sending you curiosity, steadiness and strength,

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