Be NOT Afraid

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Be NOT Afraid!
Although this was my mantra for the previous week, I cannot seem to get it out of my head. When I close my eyes to meditate, I continue to hear these words flood my brain. The last few months have been filled with so much change that everything begins to feel scary rather than exciting.
As I forge my new path, I have noticed that I have become afraid of so much. For me, fear is a cancer. It dwells within and can only create chaos internally and externally. I share this with you all because I know that fear exists within us all.
Although fear will always exist, what matters is how we cope with it. Does it stop you in your tracks and reroute your life? Does it stop you from trying new things on and off your mat? Does it stop you from creating relationships?
I didn’t realize how much my fear was stopping me from moving forward and how much it was creating a stand still in my path. First, we need to acknowledge our fears and then we need to plow right through them. I know that we have the strength and the endurance. So, let’s do this together!
When you feel that you are falling into fearful rut, close your eyes and hear these words, “Be NOT afraid!”
Wishing you a fearless journey!

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