Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future image
I will be honest. My life is nothing like I envisioned. I could have never predicted or planned what my life is like now or what it will be like next year, five years from now nor ten. I will never deny my passion or enthusiasm for planning and being organized; however, yoga has taught me to love where I am now and to slow down enough to appreciate it.
I paved the perfect path when I was younger. I married young. We bought a house. I had the executive career and completed graduate school all by 25. Some how this path did not lead me where I predicted. It led me where I needed to be. The problem is we don’t always know where we need to be until we arrive. I am not a top executive. I don’t have children. I have not moved down South (yet:). These were my predictions, but they were all wrong. The predictions may have been wrong, but the outcome was perfect.
Yoga taught me to stop following the plan and begin following my heart. When I left my 9 to 5 at the age of 27, I literally felt like I was jumping off a cliff and abandoning everything I knew and understood about life. I was taking the road less traveled and this road led me here writing to you. My decisions were never easy and some were very painful, but I would never change where I am at this moment. I cannot thank you all enough for being a part of this journey. And, I hope I inspire you to stop, breathe, enjoy where you are and follow your heart rather than the plan.
Big hugs and love!
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