Twists, Turns and Turbulence

Twists, Turns and Turbulence image

Besides sounding like an awesome yoga class, twists, turns and turbulence describes the last 12 months of my life perfectly. To say that the last year has been a challenge would be an understatement. I could have never predicted the changes, the stress or my response.

The good news is that I just began to realize where my choices, habits and attitude began to shift. Bad news, it took me 12 months to figure it out. Where I went wrong isn’t as important as to why and how I am going to transition back. Let’s be honest, sometimes life just begins to spin out of control. These moments often begin to define us. Unhealthy habits begin to creep in and sadness, anger and anxiety begin to take over. However, it is our choice to turn back and move forward.
How can we gain back our health, our strength and our internal glow? The last 12 months were definitely a challenge, but circling back to my vibrant self may be even harder. So, where will I start?
• Movement on yoga mat minutes increased!
• Fuel my body with more plant based goodness!
• Hydrate with H2O!
• Soak up minerals in the bathtub!
• Meditate! Meditate! Meditate!
• Read more books and less social media!
• Become More Present!
I share this with you all because I know we all have our moments of twist, turns and turbulence, but how we bounce back is more important than the detour we took from our path. No matter if your detour was short or long, I hope you will join me on my journey to regain optimal vibrancy!
Sending love and strength,

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