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I was sitting in this same spot almost exactly a year ago. But, there is a big difference. My heart was broken along with three different parts of my right foot. It was one of the most painful fractures I endured. With each step I felt tremendous physical and emotional pain.

My battle with my bones was prevailing no matter how healthy I was and no matter how hard I tried to stay strong.

So where was I and where am I? Physically, I was and I am at the Beach in New Jersey. Mentally, I was fighting effortlessly not to feel depressed and defeated.

Things have definitely changed since last year and I am not the woman I was a year ago. I am not even the woman I was yesterday. We Evolve! We Change! We Grow! I now sit here feeling physically strong and effortlessly happy. This doesn’t happen everyday, but does happen on most occasions.

This past year has been a search for the perfect combination of healthy habits that make me strong mentally and physically. I have always been a woman on a mission to be healthy and happy, but this year the combination of my efforts created symmetry in my mind, body and soul.

For the first time, I committed to a consistent meditation practice, to eating additional healthy calories and to lifting weights. I have struggled with all three and this year I was determined. It was not perfect and I was not fully committed everyday, but I tried and I know that it contributed to my improved health.

It has been one year since I fractured a bone. For most, this is not a normal accomplishment; it is just a way of living. For me, it is a huge success! I have struggled with maintaining my bone health since I was diagnosed with early on-set osteoporosis five years ago.

I can’t give you a formula or recommend the perfect supplements or yoga poses to make you feel your best or conquer your ailments. However, I can tell you that persistence and a positive attitude can help you overcome many of life’s obstacles. Our struggles make us strong and our strength makes us thrive and be happy!

Wishing you happiness and health!



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