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I slept in until 7:15 this morning and my mind began to race and my heart began to beat quickly. I was mad at myself for being so irresponsible and questioned my work ethic, my dedication and my overall drive. Then, I began to question my health. Was I sick or just being lazy? Was I catching a cold or was I becoming depressed? Then, I realized I was being ridiculous and noticed how sleeping slightly in, which really was not late, created this whirlwind of negative self-talk, self-doubt and then physical ailments.
How often do we put ourselves through this emotional roller coaster and beat ourselves up mentally and physically? What if I would have woken up and said to myself…”I worked so hard in the yard this weekend and spent a lot of time in the sun. My body must have needed to sleep so that I can be productive today.” This conversation would have been so less dramatic and so much more productive.
I am sure you have your own conversations and I am sure your body and heart feel the impact. So, how can we change? How can we stop those thoughts from moving in and make room for those positive ones?
Well, here is how I stepped out of the dark and into the light this morning. Yoga and meditation play such a key role in my life and when I am off center they move me right back in. So, I scurried downstairs, sat on my yoga blanket and held navasana (boat pose) and began to focus on my breath and my body. Poses that emphasize the core and manipura, the third chakra, always bring me back to the center. Then, I moved into complete stillness and began to meditate.
Yoga Sutra 1.2 states,
Yoga citta vritti nirodhah
Yoga is the resolution of the agitations of the mind.
Clearing the mind will not only calm the body & soul, but it also gives us room to think purposely. We start with a clean slate and move forward with a better attitude and outlook. As a result of my 15-minute morning practice, I was able to reflect, move forward with my day and share it with all of you.
Maybe you are not ready for navasana or meditation, but try any yoga pose that steadies your mind and then try to sit quietly for a few moments. If meditation seems baffling, check out my dear friend, Rebekah Borucki’s, DIY Meditation Guide and her 21 Day Mantra Challenge.
Sending you lots of love, sunshine and positive energy,

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