Transformation is Possible!

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As I sat and waited, a gentleman looked over and said, “I just wanted to tell you that you have amazing posture. I wish I had posture like that.” I responded, “Well, thank you. I am a yoga teacher and I work on it a lot. You should try yoga.” He chuckled at that idea, but then responded, “If you are a yoga teacher, why are you here?” I answered, “It’s a long story.”
The longer I sat and waited I wondered why I was there too. I have been visiting Columbia Medical’s Bone Density Division for the last three years. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of thirty after severely fracturing my knee from a minor fall. I struggle with these questions so often, why am I here and why did this happen to me?
These visits always evoke a lot of emotion and a lot of questions. After receiving my DEXA Scan (bone scan), I sat there patiently waiting to hear my results while my anxiety brewed. After entering the office, I received the typical lecture regarding the medicine that I was NOT taking. Because of my age, I have chosen to try herbal supplements, weight bearing activities and diet modifications.
The doctor then began to review my results. She looked at me confused and then smiled. She asked me what I was doing differently because my scores were outstanding. My bone density was actually improving significantly. This is rare after the age of 30 and rare for someone who has had diminishing bone density since her 20’s.
I cannot tell you exactly what I did to make this happen, but I can tell you that I have transformed my life since my late 20’s. I went from a stressed out executive to a confident woman who is pursuing her dreams and attempting to help others become happy and healthy. My story is a long one and most of us have a story about our journey with struggle, but do you have a story about transformation? It is important for you to know that you can transform too!
I truly believe that it is not the extensive amounts of vitamins I take or the tons of smoothies and juices I consume, but rather my positive energy, determination and perseverance that transformed me physically and mentally. If it were up to my doctors, I would have wrapped myself in bubble wrap and started injecting tons of medicine, aka toxins, into my body, but I chose a different route that is apparently working more than any other medicines would have.
So, now I ask, “why not me?” Our moments of weakness can be overcome and our moments of struggle will make us stronger and braver than we will ever know. As I approach my 35th birthday, I do not regret a moment of my journey. The good, the bad and the ugly have transformed me and brought me here and brought me to you.
I truly thank you for your friendship, support and love!

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