2014 Manifesto

2014 Manifesto image
I share this with you not because I want to change you, not because I want to change me, but rather I want to change some of my habits and live a happier and healthier life. There is always room for growth and improvement!
And…sorry for the delay, but I have been attempting to implement the following…
1. Technology time outs. Learning to put down the phone and computer will give me more time to think and become more creative. Rather than checking my phone all the time and working constantly throughout the day, I will reserve designated times for phone check-ins and computer work.
2. Look into the eyes of those I love. My amazing friends from Switzerland, who feel more like family than friends, taught me to always look into the eyes of those you cheers. At first it felt very strange and slightly uncomfortable, but now I love it. I love looking at those who mean the most to me! Do it while you cheers, but also when you just want to know how the one you love feels.
3. Learn to say, “No, Thank You.” This is extremely hard for me! I love helping others and assume that I always need to say yes. I feel like if I say, “no,” I will disappoint others. Learning to say no will help me give more to those I say yes to and more to my own endeavors.
4. Meditate more, worry less. I know the benefits of meditation, but I still have a tough time sitting still. This year, I will take the time to meditate and add it into my daily regimen just like all my other workouts. This is a workout for the heart and soul!
5. Learn more, share more. Growth is necessary and keeps us all motivated. I want to learn more so that what I teach continues to be fresh and inspiring.
6. Socialize more, social media less. I often find myself so caught up in what I need to post on social media that I forget to socialize. It is a necessary evil, but you will be hearing from me less in an effort to socialize with you more.
7. Stop being perfect, start being me. I often focus on perfection rather than focusing on the perfect me. This year, I will strive to find the perfect balance of what makes me the happiest and healthiest. I will focus on what works for me rather than what works for others.
8. Incorporate fish into diet. Over the last few years, I have considered this, but I never felt I was ready to do it. This year, I am committed to becoming the healthiest I can be and feel that occasionally incorporating fish into my diet will help me obtain this goal.
9. Gluten be gone! I have restricted my gluten intake for almost 10 years and always feel amazing when my diet is completely gluten free. However, after a long year of traveling and eating out, gluten has snuck into my diet more than I would like to admit. My house will always be gluten free, but I will begin to kindly say, “no, thank you” to any bread placed on our table when dinning out.
10. Quality over quantity! This has always been one of my mantras, but I always need to keep it on my list as a reminder to stay focused and resist those moments when I want to buy more, eat more, indulge more and even workout more. Quality will remain the priority!
I hope these will inspire you to be the healthiest and happiest you can be in 2014!

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