Cleansing Your Soul

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I spend a lot of time talking about proper food choices and cleaning out the kitchen, but what happens when our bellies are filled with wholesome food, we sleep the recommended 7-9 hours and we include yoga asana (the physical practice) and exercise into our daily lives and we are still off?
What is creating this soul sludge?
What is slowing us down and burning us out?
Cleaning out the kitchen cabinets is the easy part, cleaning out the junk in our personal trunk is the hard part. Are you ready mentally to face the world and people you have surrounded yourself with and tell them things need to change or it is over? Are you brave enough to do what is best for you and not just what is best for others?
Cleansing the soul doesn’t mean you need to become angry or mean, but rather it means you need to become real, real with yourself and others. When we take the time to self-reflect and determine what we need and where we need to be, we are being honest, brave and ultimately the healthiest we can be.
It is not just about what we eat, it is about what eats at us. Is it a job? Is it a relationship? Is it your friends on social media? What brings you down and what brings you up? When we fill our lives with the positive and start to eliminate the negative, we become stronger, healthier and much more productive. When we drop the dead weight, we have more to give to those who deserve it.
You are NOT being SELFISH, YOU ARE BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE!! When you start to make YOU the focus, YOU can LOVE more and GIVE more.
I challenge you to look deep within and be honest. The truth often hurts, but so does living an unfilled and unhealthy life. YOU DESERVE THE BEST!! The journey will be difficult, but the reward will be worth it.
Sending you love and strength,

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