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Positives: I love everyone, our new friendships, and personalities. We really have a fun group! The location was amazing and personally the retreat helped to get me to Italy which was a catalyst to seeing the rest of the country. I loved the pasta and pizza lessons and of course the amazing wine. The yoga was both fun and challenging in such a good way and really helped to push my boundaries.
Negatives: I can’t really think of any.

Thank you both for a beautiful weekend. It was truly the first time in a long time I’ve had concentrated time to just BE. I have to admit I was a little scared about the yoga — but it was such a wonderful experience to be in a safe space to do it. The transition of the yoga into the group hypno-session was pure brilliance — and an incredible combination of mind, body, spirit activities!.
Thank you for the free flow of the schedule and the ease of participating. it was great to be able to choose — something that is crucial for the participation experience and is absent from other similar events.
Thank you both for doing what you do and for sharing it with all of us! I look forward to future experiences!

Glad to be apart of this great group and making new friends and connecting with old was such a treat!
So happy I finally connected to Yoga with Laurel who was wonderful and so patient. The new experience of Hypnosis is a feeling I never imagined and I feel like a new women with great new energy and powers. Don’t know how you do that Rachel! Itching for more and I promised myself, I am going to be a priority. Turning 50 makes you wake up and smell the sweat! Thanks ladies!

Enjoyable getaway! The yoga and meditation sessions were perfect! The facial was the best I ever had. Total relaxation! In addition, the happy hour and movie provided an opportunity to socialize with the entire group! Thank you!

The weekend actually exceeded my expectations in every way! The yoga and meditation were relaxing and rejuvenating, as was the entire weekend. It was the perfect combination of group time and private time. Truly a welcomed and needed time out from the hectic day to day which most of us experience. Even after this short weekend away, I feel like I’ve known Rachel and Laurel my whole life. They were incredible!

Laurel shares professional with grace during her retreat. You can see the discipline and hard work Laurel puts into a retreat, yet she makes it look effortless. Laurel’s goal is to make each individual feel important and have their needs met as well as the groups needs. She assists each person and boosts their confidence. Her retreats make you feel refreshed, had a break of reality, and try new experiences you may not have tried before her encouragement!

I tried Laurel’s class a year ago, and I’m hooked. She’s a much needed respite in the middle of my work day. I love the way she challenges us, and every class is different – it’s never boring! Since starting her class, all my running aches and pains have disappeared.

I have been taking private yoga sessions with Laurel for about 7 months now. Laurel is a fantastic instructor who customizes exercises to meet my needs specifically with core, balance and flexibility.  Over the past 7 months I can feel myself getting stronger and more tone. I’ve lost 10 pounds since March, dropped a size and can see the inches melting away.  More importantly though is the over feeling of strength and well being.  I also occasionally attend Laurel’s group classes which are great too. Thanks Laurel! 

I knew my core was important in yoga but thanks to Laurel I have begun to learn exactly how to use my core muscles in my own practice. Despite some of the challenging asanas, I never feel intimidated; she has an incredibly inviting personality and infectious enthusiasm for what she does so well. Love her classes, if only I could attend more of them!

Why YOU should take Laurel Attanasio’s classes:

You will meet an amazing teacher

You will enjoy yourself

You will be challenged

You WILL be changed (for the better)!!

What can I say except such a wonderful time spent with all. Left the retreat feeling reconnected with yoga after years away from any exercise and mentally and physically improved!! 

Amazing vacation. A perfect gift to myself after a long year and cold winter. I really enjoyed the layout of the property, location on the island and the easy access to get to class, beach and meals. I love my morning coffee and the fact it was steps away, made my mornings easy. Not to mention by day 2, it was waiting for me personally. Each day was packed with whatever you want to do. It was a no pressure type of trip but with plenty of options! The group was outstanding and made friends that will last a lifetime. Oh and not to mention, I felt great when I left! I will be back for more next year.