Thanks Laurel for my daily yoga routine! I like how you provide the right amount of verbal prompts to make sure I perform the poses correctly. It’s great how you include new ‘tricky’ poses to challenge me! Definitely feeling stronger and more flexible!

Getting to the mat every day has been fantastic 🙂 I feel like my wrists and shoulders are getting stronger from daily practice. My planks are so much stronger!
So thank you for these first two weeks— and looking forward to seeing you every day for the last two!

Love you and how wonderful a teacher you are. I have been so inspired by and have LOVED this 30 day challenge. I feel so much stronger! Thank you my friend.

Loved this challenge and I can’t believe it’s been 30 days already!! The days flew by. Can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you so much Laurel for making me a more disciplined person when it comes to yoga. It really made me stronger in the arms and core and I could see my “calm” set in when things get trying! You are an inspiration !!!

Because of the coordination by my talented cousin Laurel Attanasio my sissy and I had the chance to travel to Cuba and learn to cook & salsa, visit the places that inspired Hemingway, eat dinner at Paladar San Cristobal – a restaurant where Obama went, meet Fidel Castro’s nephew Ramon, have a session with Fidel’s photographer, learn how Fusterlandia mosaics transformed a community, all while practicing yoga and drinking way too many mojitos with a great group of ladies!
I feel like it’s so important to visit Cuba for yourself, so you can make your own conclusions and not only base your opinion on the complicated relationship America has with the country. This experience really opened my eyes to their culture and ways of life.
If you want a similar experience, I highly encourage you to check out her upcoming retreats to places all over the world!

My fascination w/ the history and culture of Cuba has been ongoing for the past 15 years. When I was informed of this wonderful opportunity to visit the country while doing yoga daily, I jumped on it! Although I entered the country with an open mind and heart, I did not expect a similar response to be reciprocated by the Cuban people. I was pleasantly surprised as to how welcoming they were to our small group of lovely ladies.
Throughout my time in Cuba, I felt that I gained a greater appreciation for the people and their culture. I enjoyed the fact that the people seemed genuine and engaging, which in today’s world seems to be obsolete. Taking time to engage in lovely and even controversial conversations made this trip worth while. I enjoyed not only the beauty of the country, but also of the people. So, thank you Laurel for making this journey possible for me, and I look forward to joining you again in the future for another adventure!

I have traveled several times with Laurel on her Yoga Retreats. This was one of the best!! The travel guides were so informed and friendly, the accommodations in Havana were lovely and the staff were so nice. The food was wonderful and there was a nice blend of scheduled activities and free time. I learned a lot about Cuba and the Cuban people.
Our group was so much fun!! I miss everyone already!!
This trip makes me want to go back to Cuba! And definitely another trip with Laurel, who helped set the tone for each day with an energizing yoga practice.

-R. Shetter

As my first experience with “The Adventures of Laurel” my first take away has been the diversity of participants and their willingness to work together to share a unique life experience for most. It is a compliment to you for fostering an environment demonstrating a sense of peace, love, and mindfulness. No one felt left out or left behind. Strangers became friends and former participants of other retreats celebrated joyful reunions. To me, this was a true testament to the spiritual aspect of yoga.

I must admit this is the first week long retreat I have taken the opportunity to participate in. As a father I could not have been any prouder. To sit back and watch my daughter in action was just amazing to watch.
Every person on this trip was so great. Young or old everyone was so positive, helpful and just as joy to be around to share this experience. This trip was more then I expected just because all the people, I was surrounded by.
Let me not forget Manuel. He showed so much patience with every inexperienced question I asked. He showed so much energy and made the the trip exciting.

The Sestri Levante trip was our second yoga trip with Laurel and she’s two-for two! The trip is a perfect combination of enjoying the beauty of the Italian Rivera, physical activity of hiking and kayaking, delicious food and wine, and yoga ! While my wife regularly does yoga, I do it rarely. Despite my novice level, Laurel and the group made me so very comfortable while they effortlessly showed me how it’s done. I would highly recommend the trip for friendly people looking for a great trip and yoga.

-B. Fulton

Wonderful trip – I appreciate all the effort you put into scouting things out ahead of time and not relying on outside vendors. You do a great job!