I will stay positive.

Wow!! February is often the most challenging month for me to get through here in the Northeast. And, without any sunshine and palm trees planned until May, I am getting a little bummed out by all the grey in the days.
So, what can we do to ward off the winter blues? Well, obviously get on our yoga mats and move! We can also embrace what makes winter special (at least if you are somewhere cold), long baths, warm fires, extra time to sit and read and of course eating extra carbs to help us cope, haha. Well, no matter what it is, let’s find what makes us content with these long lasting winter months. Let this week’s mantra help us make it through this week and the rest of winter.
I will stay positive!
I will stay positive!
I will stay positive!
No matter where you are on the map, this is always a good reminder!
With gratitude,
xo – L

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