I will ask for guidance when needed.

Side Plank Variation Pic
But, yet, again, I’m leaving on a jet plane. Next week, I head to Peru with 35 of my students. This will be my biggest group yet and it will be on new territory!! But, when you know you are nervous and you know it’s all new, you ask for guidance and help. I’m extremely honored to have yoga teacher and soul sista from Canada, Ena Monteleone, and owner and founder of Porterra Travel, Larry Porter, joining me on the adventure. We can do a lot by ourselves, but think about how much more we can accomplish when we receive guidance from our friends?!? We learn more; we grow more and we become more!
This week’s mantra…
I will ask for guidance when needed!
I will ask for guidance when needed!
I will ask for guidance when needed!
Monday Mantras will resume after I return on October 28! Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Insta for pics of Peru! This year’s Peru trip, sold out in only 4 weeks! Are you sad you missed it? Message me and let me know and I will consider adding it back on the calendar for 2019 or 2020. My calendar is based on where you want to go, not just where I think is awesome!
Also, did you see??? Cuba has been added to the calendar! Click HERE for details!
Sending you love and the travel bug!
XO – L

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